Ongoing Research

The Accelerator and our partners are currently engaging in research that aims to provide key data needed to support scaling high-impact tutoring.

We know high-impact tutoring is an effective way to accelerate learning. Our research will help us understand how high-impact tutoring can work best in the complex context of schools. We’ll explore ways to maintain high-impact tutoring’s efficacy when moving from a small group of students to a larger population, mitigate challenges of implementation, and identify characteristics of high-impact tutoring programs that can make it more impactful, cost-effective, and cohesive.

Pilot Sites

The Accelerator Pilot Sites are designed to rapidly provide tutoring opportunities to students in need while also learning from the unique circumstances of each district. As schools and districts try out variations of models, we can better understand how to build quality and lower costs.

Currently, the Accelerator is working with approximately ten districts that are in the process of adopting various tutoring models. Some of these districts implemented small-scale tutoring programs in the spring of 2020-21 and others are set to launch programs in the fall of 2021. Through other efforts, including those led by Saga Education and Amplify, an additional 30 sites are implementing tutoring programs and generating data to inform best practices. Participating sites are providing valuable input for the tools that the Accelerator is designing for both districts and tutoring organizations.

The pilot sites have several aims: documenting the impact of high-impact tutoring, continuing research to improve efficacy and cost-effectiveness, providing research-based assessments of tutoring program quality, facilitating the creation of tools and supports to ensure high-quality implementation, and collecting and sharing impact outcomes across programs.