Beta Tutoring Cost Calculator

This tutor program cost calculator employs financial data from existing organizations to construct a cost estimate based on program size, structure, and operating model. We categorize operating models first by the type of tutor programs deploy and then by the mode of delivery, location, focus, and level of coordination with a school/district. In analysis of over 75 tutoring organizations, we found that tutor type often drives organizational structure and priorities. Personnel salaries and benefits constitute the majority of program cost, making up 60 to 80% of most program budgets. Tutoring program categories can be used to estimate baseline costs, beyond which costs vary based on dosage, tutor training, and curriculum.

The seven tutor types used in this model are private professionals, college students, K-12 students (i.e., peer tutors), K-12 teachers, full-time service members (AmeriCorps and similar), and community volunteers. To estimate your program costs, begin by selecting a tutor type below.

Example Tutor Pay Rates Salary + Benefits Hourly Wage
1. Private Tutor   $20
2. College Student via Federal Work Study   $10
3. Peer Tutors $0 $0
4. Teachers $64,000 $45
5. AmeriCorps $30,000  
6. Volunteer $0 $0
7. Stipended young adult $2,000  

Hourly Wage - Calculation


Salary Wage - Calculation