Our Response

Work on the National Student Support Accelerator is well underway.

Happening Now

We are already:

  • Piloting at least six test sites to better understand what drives student learning and how to best scale programs.
  • Collecting and analyzing research to clarify what is known about what drives student learning in tutoring programs.
  • Developing an agenda to guide future research.
  • Connecting with stakeholders to understand how to design tools and services to support the growth and scaling of high-impact tutoring.
  • Exploring how to expand and diversify the teacher pipeline by identifying and supporting tutors who may want to be teachers through work-study opportunities, post-secondary credit programs, and other means.
  • Designing a business plan for the National Student Support Accelerator, a research-based organization supporting educational institutions and tutoring organizations to scale high-impact tutoring.

Early 2021

Soon we will:

  • Formally launch the National Student Support Accelerator organization and new website.
  • Publish our research summary and agenda.
  • Release an initial set of tools for tutoring organizations.
  • Continue tool development focused on supporting educational institutions in adopting high-impact tutoring, including a readiness assessment.
  • Provide educational institutions and tutoring organizations — including universities — with guidance regarding how to establish new programs or improve the quality of existing programs.
  • Work towards building a tutoring community of practice.
  • Develop a quality assessment system.
  • Launch communications efforts to inform stakeholders and the public about these resources.