This database includes an initial set of statewide tutoring efforts and state tutoring legislation. It will be updated monthly. The intent is to include all statewide tutoring efforts and state legislation. We welcome submissions of efforts or legislation that we have omitted or corrections by completing this form.


State Name of Legislation/Tutoring Effort Does this effort include legislation? Sort descending Status Date of Status More Info
Summer Learning Programs

Commits $27M of GEER funding for K-12 education efforts including $500k of funding for TFA-Ignite Tutoring program.

No N/A N/A
Learning League Program
Funded through private philanthropy (Gary Community Ventures), provides trained and supervised tutors to work in CO schools in elementary literacy and middle grades math.
No N/A N/A
Delaware Strategy to Accelerate Learning

Requires school districts to (1) adopt high quality and consistent instruction materials (2) provide school leaders and teachers professional learning to provide Tier 1 education to students and… more

No N/A N/A
Illinois Tutoring Initiative
Creates a statewide tutoring initiative targeting PK-12 students who are in districts or communities with limited capacity or resources to deliver high-quality tutoring programs through Illinois… more
No N/A N/A
Provides high-quality, open access math and literacy tutoring lessons aligned with state standards. Lessons focus on acceleration rather than remediation. The Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE… more
No N/A N/A
Mississippi Acceleration
Provides tutoring for 1,000 students in grades K-5 in literacy with a focus on relationship-development in its Pilot Program. Tutors are college students and funding is from GEER funds. Tutoring is 1… more
No N/A N/A
New Jersey
NJ Summer Tutoring Corps
Provided tutoring to 2,000 students in the summer of 2021 and is expanding to 42 sites in fall of 2021. Launched by The College of New Jersey’s School of Education, and paid for by he New Jersey… more
No N/A N/A
New Mexico
New Mexico Educator Fellows Program
Addresses the educator shortage and the need for small group tutoring by funding districts and charter schools to hire Educator Fellows who will be provided supports to become a teacher to provide… more
No N/A N/A
North Carolina
NC State Plan for ARP Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund
Includes $30,000,000 for high-impact tutoring statewide.
No N/A N/A
North Carolina
North Carolina Education Corps

Partners with local schools to recruit, educate, and activate corps members to support students and accelerate learning through tutoring in NC's neediest districts. Corps members are paid a living… more

No N/A N/A
Oklahoma State Plan for the ARP Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund

Includes the development of a Math Tutoring Corps in partnership with… more

No N/A N/A
Washington, DC
OSSE High-Impact Tutoring Strategy

Requires all DCPS schools to implement high-impact tutoring for students in need, reaching approximately 10% of all students.

No N/A N/A
SB 564: Arkansas Tutoring Corps Act

Establishes a statewide Arkansas Tutoring Corps (with a focus on rural areas), to address interrupted learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yes Passed
SB-723 Pupil instruction: tutoring program: learning loss mitigation
Creates the California Leadership, Excellence, Academic, Diversity, and Service-Learning (LEADS) Tutoring Program to provide both in-person and online tutoring to rectify learning loss. Each county… more
Yes Held in Committee and under submission
SB-419 Californians for All College Service Program
Creates an additional 6,500 college/university fellowships with approximately 50-60% dedicated to tutoring.
Yes In Committee
HB21-1234 Supplemental Education High-impact Tutoring Programs
Creates the Colorado high-impact tutoring program to provide grant funding to local education providers including school districts and charter schools and others, to create high-impact tutoring… more
Yes Signed by Governor
Proposition 119
Ballot initiative that will Increase cannabis tax by 5 percentage points to partially fund financial aid to qualified youth to access out-of-school tutoring.
Yes N/A N/A
An Act Addressing Issues Created By The COVID-19 Pandemic On Public Education in Connecticut
Requires analysis of state-wide mastery examination, results to measure the severity of student disengagement in public schools to guide development of a variety of student disengagement mitigation… more
Yes Favorable Change of Reference, Senate to Committee on Appropriations
CS/HB 7011 — Student Literacy
Among many things, includes provision for high school juniors and seniors to satisfy community service requirements by providing 75 verified tutoring hours to students with a substantial deficiency… more
Yes Signed by Governor
“Kirwan 2.0,” or Senate Bill 965/House Bill 1372
Requires the original K-3 requirement of Transitional Supplemental Instruction for Struggling Learners program to add additional components: 1) funding for one-on-one and small-group instruction for… more
Yes Passed into law
Bill HF1064
Requires many efforts to combat COVID-19 impact on education including funding for community partnerships to provide tutoring during the summer of 2021.
Yes Passed into law
North Carolina
SB 387 Excellent Public Schools Act of 2021
Revises the Read to Achieve Program in many ways, one of which is including tutoring as part of the definition of literacy interventions.
Yes Signed by Governor
Tennessee Learning Loss Remediation and Student Acceleration Act

Creates TN Accelerating Literacy and Learning Corps, a matching grant opportunity to empower districts to implement or strengthen tutoring supports for students in low ratios and at a high dosage… more

Yes Passed into law
HB 4545

Requires an accelerated learning committee to develop an IEP for every student who does not pass pass the STAAR test in grade 3, 5, or 8 in math or reading. Also, requires the assignment of a… more

Yes Passed into law Effective Date June