Our Response

Work on the National Student Support Accelerator is well underway.

We have already:

  • Collected, analyzed and synthesized existing research to clarify what is known about the drivers of student learning in tutoring programs.
  • Developed a set of priority questions on effectiveness and implementation to guide future research.
  • Established ten pilot sites to better understand drivers of student learning and how to best scale programs.
  • Published a set of research-based practical tools for those wishing to launch a new tutoring program or improve an existing tutoring program.
  • Developed and made publicly available an early literacy landscape of tutoring programs and academic interventions.
  • Developed a business plan for and launched the National Student Support Accelerator, a research-based organization supporting educational institutions and tutoring organizations to scale high-impact tutoring.

Currently we are:

  • Continuing to establish and monitor at least ten pilot sites to learn more about what drives effectiveness, the barriers to implementation, and how to overcome these barriers.
  • Connecting with stakeholders to design a District Playbook to make it easier for districts to grow their own tutoring program or partner with a tutoring organization to launch or improve a high-impact tutoring program.
  • Responding to requests for assistance from districts, tutoring organizations, and advocacy organizations to support their high-impact tutoring efforts.
  • Developing materials and webinars to share research, policy recommendations, and tools for designing and implementing high-impact tutoring programs.
  • Raising funding to implement the Accelerator’s strategy and operational plans for the next five years, as outlined in the business plan.

Our plans include:

  • Hiring an Executive Director and additional capacity.
  • Building communities of practice for high-impact tutoring.
  • Developing a quality assessment system, a middle grades math landscape analysis, and other tools to support high-impact tutoring.
  • Launching communications efforts to inform stakeholders and the public about these resources.
  • Providing technical assistance for districts and tutoring programs to launch and improve high-impact tutoring.